What does it mean to “join” International Arts Movement?”

International Arts Movement resists organizational “membership” models. There are no member numbers, dues, or expiration dates. We are a movement working to be generous and inspire generosity. We need everyone who is part of it to help sustain it, whether through participation, financial contributions, art donations, in-kind services, volunteering, or even just spreading the word.

IAM is who it is made up of, and if you are invested in the movement’s vision and mission, you are a part of IAM.

Be Informed

Stay up-to-date on happenings throughout the movement by signing up for our newsletter, the IAM Current.

Join in the conversation on the Facebook Page by clicking “like.”

Share in insights and ideas by following IAM on Twitter. (@IntlArtsMvmnt)

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Be Involved

The IAM Connect tool is a place for the movement to gather online. It is a map of of people, activities and organizations that are a part of IAM. It is a Forum where we can discuss each other’s work and ideas, and get inquire of and wrestle with like-minded creatives the world over.

If you are a part of the movement, sign-up and start engaging.

Once your pin is on the map, you can start searching for others in your area or around the world who are a part of this amazing movement, and get connected to them by sending a message.

With THE MAP you can add you organization and any activities you have going that you want others in IAM to find.

Use THE FORUM to start participating in conversations of all kinds with like-minded people working to integrate their art, faith, humanity.

Be Invested

Over IAM’s 20 years it has been blessed with your art, your presence at conferences, and your participation in its social-networks and programming.

IAM is a grass-roots movement, and it depends on your grass-roots contributions.

Together we are all IAM.

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