“A Walk Across the Sun” book release and reading

“Situation Duration” by Cynthia Stanchak

A Discussion of Social Justice & Human Trafficking

A Divine Intoxication: Exulting Land and Sea, Pt. 1

A Divine Intoxication: Exulting Land and Sea, Pt. 2

A Vaudevillian Evening with Adjoa Skinner

Alfonse Borysewicsz on “The Beekeeper Paintings”

Art, Love, and Beauty Lectures with Makoto Fujimura: Lecture II

Art, Love, and Beauty Lectures with Makoto Fujimura: Lecture III

Art, Love, and Beauty Series with Makoto Fujimura: Lecture I

Chasing Francis – A journey with author Ian Cron

David Kipen on the importance of reading

David Sacks on the Generous Artist

E10: Matt Heard on artists and faith

E11: A poetry reading by Li-Young Lee

E11: Adrienne Chaplin on Art and Phenomenology

E11: Bruce Herman – For the Love of God

E11: Calvin DeWitt on the Art of the Ecosystem

E11: Dick Staub Interviews Dana Gioia

E11: Roberta Ahmanson: Till We Have Faces

Encounter 09: Billy Collins, a poetry reading

Encounter 09: Interview with Nicholas Wolterstorff

Encounter 11: Interludes by The Fretful Porcupine

Encounter 11: Jason Harrod & Tess Wiley

Encounter 11: Makoto Fujimura on Being Generative

Encounter 11: Performance by River James

Encounter 11: Pianist and Songwriter Joy Ike

Encounter 11: Zach Williams & the Bellow

Encounter 2009: Featured Performance Highlights

EX Behind the Show – Dan Swartz

EX COLLOQUIUM: Lucy Collins & Tove Hermanson

Folding Cosmos – traditional Japanese tea ceremony

Fujimura’s welcome and introduction to Art in Action

How to Lead a Discussion Group

IAM Conversations: Alastair Whitton

IAM Conversations: Songwriter Justin McRoberts

IAM Conversations: Tim Lowly at Space 38|39

IAM Live

IAM Seminars Part I

IAM Seminars Part II

IAM Seminars Part III

IAM Seminars Part IV

IAM Seminars Part V

IAM Seminars Part VI

IAM Seminars Part VII

IAM Seminars Part VIII

Inhabit 2013: A Poetry Reading by Chris Davidson

Inhabit 2013: Andrew Nemr Tap Dance Performance

Inhabit 2013: Christian Acker on the Validity of Vandalism

Inhabit 2013: Dan Siedell

Inhabit 2013: Fujimura Institute Panel

Inhabit 2013: Kyle David Bennett

Inhabit 2013: Makoto Fujimura and Culture Care

Inhabit 2013: Poetry Reading by Aaron Belz

Inhabit 2013: Scott Francisco + Pilot Projects

Inhabit 2013: SftPwr Panel Discussion

Inhabit 2013: Spark & Echo

Jacob Marshall on Engaging the Audience

Jeff Speck on New Urbanism

Jeffrey Overstreet on the How of Storytelling

Jesse James DeConto and The Pinkerton Raid

Laurie Midgette: Creativity and a New School System

Makoto Fujimura on Empathetic Creativity

Makoto Fujimura: Generative Japan

Makoto Fujimura: Success in the context of Shalom

Nicholas Wolterstorff on art and aesthetics

Occluded Witnesses: An Exhibition by Ryan Stander

Roberta Ahmanson on Art Patronage and Artists

Sharpe Foundation Panel on Engaging Communities

Susie Ibarra Performs with Makoto Fujimura

The Artisan Soul: Conversation with Erwin Raphael McManus + Makoto Fujimura

The Daily Artifact: An Exhibit by Corey Fuller

The Other Side: Monica Lozano

The World of the One-Mat Room