How to Lead a Discussion Group

Some helpful hints on how to lead a successful Discussion Group.

This video was created at one of our Wednesday morning artist gatherings, which have been taking place in Manhattan for over 15yrs. Over the course of the month we alternate meeting discussion formats including: topic, article, guest speaker, and Art Share Day (group critique). This weekly gathering is a linchpin piece of our activity in NYC. We encourage you to try what we’ve found to be valuable in your neck of the woods!

Thanks to Morgan Riles for her work on the video!

Morgan Riles is an editor and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. Her feature documentary, “BIOMODD: A Living Game Computer As Social Sculpture” follows the work of Belgian new media artist and TED fellow Angelo Vermeulen, and screened at the 27th International Festival of Films on Art, and the Houston Cinema Arts Festival, in 2009. She has edited for CollegeHumor, OWN, and Art21 on PBS, and is currently developing a narrative film workshop for Guyanese youth.


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