Occluded Witnesses: An Exhibition by Ryan Stander

About the exhibit:

“The photograph is an impossibly thin sliver of time and space. It is an image of some captured reality suspended by light in silver crystals and gelatin. What once was, regardless of how much time has passed since its momentary exposure, endures with a profound veracity.

In our own photographs we recognize that time, that place, that event, and that face. What once was, whether birthdays and holidays, or graduations and funerals, persists and lingers often outliving the subjects of their frames. Time carries these objects through the animating hands of generations, but those once vibrant stories fade. Now disconnected, these photographic objects rest silently in a curious amnestic state. For many of us, the photographs’ essential character rests in its visual specificity or factual natures. And while the fidelity of this remnant remains, it is simultaneously betrayed by a loss of its animating identity, context and stories. Unable to speak, they are cut off from us with an insurmountable gulf of history passing between them and us.”


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